Who Needs Webmaster?

Almost every website needs some time from a webmaster. Many of them are small sites but they usually need help more because they cannot afford an inhouse webmaster.  MVI solution is one we assign one webmaster to work for many different companies.  That makes our services affordable to any size business website.   And our webmasters have a team of support personal

Webmaster Education Requirements

Webmasters at MVI solutions have a minimum education of bachelor engineering degree and at least 15 years’ experience. We believe that the only way to become a good webmaster is to have years of experience with multiple websites.  Earning a web design diploma, an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree can be helpful in becoming a webmaster. But the real education is in the field working for many years.   Relevant coursework is required to stay up to date and all good webmaster are learning every day on the job.

Webmaster Availability

With the explosion of the number of websites the need for webmaster have outstripped the availability. And the salary of good webmaster has increased dramatically.  MVI solutions tries to resolve the issue by assigning talented team members to each webmaster. These team members are webmasters in training.

Continuous Training

The web world is always changing. For any webmaster, it’s important to keep an ear to the ground to find out what’s changing and how it might affect websites you monitor.  The changes in the last 6 months are so plentiful that we can only say that every webmaster probably spends 5-10 hours a week learning something new.  This is on the job training to remain up to date. 

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