A webmaster should possess skills and personal qualities in the following:

  • Multi-task
  • Creative and imaginative
  • Work under pressure
  • Perform on their own
  • Meet deadlines
  • Knowledge in software programming
  • Knowledge of graphics
  • Be intuitive
  • Easily learn new technology
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good Communicator
  • Be thorough
  • Years of web standards
  • Knowledge of many protocols
  • Server Maintenance

A webmaster’s role may be called website administrator and therefore maintain inventory, handle PPC advertisements and or manage server software.  Since most online businesses they use PPC advertisements, it’s the webmaster’s job to maintain these ads and monitor and updates items in the site’s architecture.  This means setup, monitoring and track conversion performance based on analytics, verifying the code compatible with multiple browsers, fixing 404 links and missing images, update content, and product reviews………….

Most webmasters are tasked to purchase and set up the DNS and domain name, choosing hosting server and monitor the site speed and verify SEO is adequate.  Webmaster advises clients on the safest, most secure server technologies. This includes creating emergency back-up procedures so the site can still function properly if there’s any server problems.

All webmasters will also program during their career.  These tasks include coding the site, adding new features, updates, changes and content, editing navigation, logo and artwork, video and sound, and monitoring the site operation.  Some webmaster knows every type of programming language, but their time is too valuable to program 24/7. Debugging is a monotonous process seeking and correcting errors in the code. Paramount to that is the testing to make sure everything is correct.

Web design is another task that webmasters may be asked to perform.  Making sure the website is fully functional and matches the customers’ expectations.  This means webmasters need to have some creative and artistic abilities.  Webmasters creative focus is directed at technical aspect. Webmasters provide a wide range of website services and as a relationship between the IT and ownership.  As the person most qualified to communicate with both groups. A very important duty of the webmaster is to drive traffic to your website.  Making sure your site is ranked high on Google and others.   Our webmasters are also Google partners with Google Training.  That job is important resource for any website. They will setup tracking scripts to indicate which pages on the site get viewed the most and where the site visitors come from before visiting your site.  They can determine which pages perform the best in terms of search engine optimization and are able to prioritize external links and ad space.

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